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                  About us

                    寧國東方碾磨材料股份有限公司是一家集20多年的鑄造研制經驗,專業從事生產鑄球、鑄段、襯板、斗齒等耐磨鑄件及工業機器人鑄件、軌道交通鑄件、汽車配件、工程機械鑄件等鑄鐵件產品的高新技術企業。Ningguo Dongfang Wear-Resistant Material Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise with a collection of more than 20 years of experience in foundry, specializing in the production of grinding balls, castings, liners, bucket tooth and other wear-resistant castings , industrial robot castings, rail transit castings, auto parts and etc.

                    企業擁有省級企業技術中心,建立了完善的質量保證體系,先后通過了ISO9001質量管理體系認證、ISO14001環境管理體系認證和ISO45001職業健康安全管理體系認證以及IATF16949汽車行業管理體系認證。 Dongfang has Provincial Recognised Technical Center, and has established Quality Management System certified ISO9001:2008, Environment Management System certified ISO14001:2004 and Occupational Health and Safety Management System certified GB/T ISO45001.

                    “東旭”商標是安徽省著名商標,“東旭”牌產品是安徽名牌產品,多次榮獲中國鑄造協會“優質鑄件金獎”。產品廣泛應用于水泥建材、礦山機械、汽車配件、軌道交通、海洋船舶及軍工等領域。公司秉承“精益求精、鑄造精品”的經營理念,打造世界一流的鑄造企業的發展目標,同謀發展,共創輝煌!The brand Dongxu is the Chinese Well-Known Trademark. Our products are famous products in Anhui Province and have been awarded as High-Quality Casting Gold for many years.Our products are widely used in fields of building materials, chemicals, mining, thermal power and engineering machinery. Dongfang will be your ideal choice and we are willing to provide you with excellent service.


                  地 址:安徽省寧國市寧陽西路47號

                  銷售部:0563-4184901 web@ng-df.com

                  國貿部經理:肖行先 18956398241 jeff@ng-df.com

                  電 話:0563-4184866

                  傳 真:0563-4182677



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